Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bear Grylls isn't as badass as this guy!

Bear Grylls ''Edward Michael Grylls'' the surviving hero from the show Man vs the wild may seem like a total badass. Eating insects, making survival shelters out of animals, sleeping in dangerous areas ect...

He's great and knows how to entertain you. But the truth is he got a camera crew behind him. And fu*ks up on purpose since he knows there is no danger in what he is doing. It's been said that some of the props he makes are fabricated. Not really made out of what ever he could find.
It's also been said that he sleeps over in hotels instead of out in the wild.
Basically, misleading the audience... here's an example :

Better look out, that's very dangerous.

Now let me tell you about the real badass Less Stroud.

Why is he better then Bear Grylls ? Let me tell you why...
Hes alone ... and I mean alone. No camera crew or anything he records everything himself.
Sometimes just to get a shot of him going up the hill he has to setup the camera walk up. Then get back down to get his camera again.
Example :

Stroud puts himself in situations that could happen to any of us that would get lost unlike like Grylls that does unnecessary stunts just to show off. 
Since he got no camera crew behind him he got limited resources, if he fu*ks up he's dead.

In conclusion Les Stroud is more of an badass then Grylls, but Bear Grylls really knows how to entertain your audience.


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