Monday, February 7, 2011

Funny prank

Wanted to share this prank with you before i go to sleep.

Well, heres the prank! Enjoy! :)

Also when you do this, make sure that the ice cubes freezes as quick as possible so the water doesnt eat on the mentos outer layer.

- Also ... my youtube account with 3000 subscribers and total of 950,000 views got closed for no 


  1. awesome lol. too bad no one i know drinks very much soda.

  2. heh yea you need a bit larger glass so the ice cubes can melt :P

  3. thank goodness I never put ice in my drinks. waters down the flavor yo

  4. really sucks having your youtube account closed like that, i hope google do something about it

  5. Classic prank, yeah, but still awesome xD