Monday, February 7, 2011

How to live longer part 2

I told you i would find you more amazing facts on how to live longer!
Here are some few more

Do not smoke
This one is obvious. Smoking for the majority of your lifetime can cut up to 10 years off of your life expectancy. However if you quit by the age 50 you can gain 6 of those years back ! :o

Have a baby later in life
Falling pregnant naturally after age 40 is a great sign showing that you have genes that help you live longer according to a lead researcher at the university of utah. Findings show that those who have babies later in life are almost 15% less likely to die durning any age after 50 than those who had babies before age 40.

Take more holidays said cutting down on your leisure time can increase the risk of having a hearth disease eightfold, due to the lack of downtime away from the stress and strains of work.

Laugh! :D
Research from the new england ventenarian study revealed that those born with a sunny disposition deal better with stress. Just like taking holidays to reduce your stress laughter is another good way.

Drink a little wine
Drinking a small of glass of wine each day could help protect your hearth by raising levels of good cholesterol. A study of 1 miljon people revealed that light drinkers had an 18% lower death rate than those that didnt drink over the course of the study.

Sleep some!
Getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night is imperative to the healing process and longvity of cells, however most do not get this, which severely hinders daily cell processes.

Quick fact
France has the highest precentage of centenarians (people over 100) with 1 in 3076.
followed by the us with 1 in 3300 followed by japan with 1 in 3522

Check out these oldies, look how healthy they are to be that old.

Stay tuned for more facts and tricks!


  1. What if you drink a bottle of wine per day instead of a glass? haha

  2. I guess I will live forever then...

  3. unfotunatley i cant stop smoking..
    nice blog btw

  4. ok i'm french, never smoke, drink some wine occasionally but i dont want to live until 100 yr !

  5. That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Laugh ! the most important one, you can't live without some laughs, nice post!

  7. Thx everyone for your support. Really happy that you like this :)

  8. Looks like im gona change my lifestyle. Good reading!