Saturday, February 12, 2011

Head banners for blogs or sites

New head banner

Just wanted to say I create custom banners for you in return for good traffic.
For example : Share it with facebook, on your own blog, like it with stumbleupon, add to engine sites.

To make it easier and better :

-Tell me your idea
( Try to tell me anything from the background to pictures, where the pictures should be placed, text color, text font. You get the idea )
- Link pictures you want to have 
- Tell me the size ( mine is 700x161 )

Also i found a good site you could use

To request a banner :
Please send a mail telling me your idea.with the subject '' Banner Request ''
The email should also tell how and where you shared this blog. 


  1. wow thanks dude i might try this!


  2. Really smart idea. I like this. I'll be following

  3. Great proposal. Mine is scotch-related. Will think of a more descriptive commentary and send it over.


  4. Thank you for the banner site. I'll mess around with a few different configurations.

  5. I might be sending you an e-mail soon. I could use a banner for my site.

  6. That's pretty cool of you. I'll be following. Maybe tell me how you like my banner.

  7. Thank you so much for this! My blog was lacking that 'personal' touch.

  8. I'm considering getting a banner. Might ask you about it sometime.

  9. thanks for the site, i'll check it out next time i want some new banners...although right now my girlfriend is the one that makes my banners, so i would rather not piss her off xd

  10. Thats is very nice of you to do for others. i would ask for a banner but i am in the middle of actually making me own >.>

  11. That is a great idea, going to fiddle around with it. Following and Supporting.

  12. I'll keep this in mind for when I decide to start getting bigger.

  13. Great idea.

    Pass by my blog if you have the time , I gonna follow yours.