Monday, February 21, 2011

Self defance for beginners.

Im not gonna explain every scenario instead im gonna cover the basics. How you can prepare, how to punch and where and ill include one scenario. Also remember the best way to win a fight is to avoid it or fight it out with words

If you are weak you must get stronger. Join a gym or a matrial arts sport. If you cant do any of these follow a simple workout that can be found on youtube by just searching ''Home workout'' or just do 100+ pushups and situps each other day. I would suggest not doing cardio if you are small, you want to be as big as possible that means put on some fat too. 

Heres a quick home workout that will get you stronger : 

All credit to Ice1cube from youtube :

How do i punch good ? This is important, if you cant throw a punch you cant win a fight
When you form a fist remember to always have your thumb outside or you will breake it.
Get in the proper stance ( Body turned sideways to opponent, left foot forward for right handed people, left first up protected face, right fist back by ear )

Heres a quick video teaching you how to puch good :

All credit goes to howtofightandwin from youtube :

You are in a some kind of a fight
If you cant beat them in a eaven fight, strike first, strike fast and strike hard!
You can pretend you are one of those people that ''talk with their hands'' they wont be expecting a punch.
Bring your hands up in front of you with your fingers together. Hit the back of your right hand into the palm of your left hand as you would say ''okay, this and that whatever'' Like you would prove a point or something. Quickly hit them in the throat or right under the nose with a chop (try choping yourself right now, it hurts without any preshure) dont bother getting into any stance. It takes less then 15 pounds of power to collapse the trachea or breake a nose. So a light jab/chop will do.

Your adrenaline will be rushing making you much stronger.

After the throat hit your oponent will put their hands up to grab the damaged area. He will expose his stomach and groin. If you have an honor code, you can probably walk away now. If you know the enemy will backstab you when you walk away follow up with a strike to the stomach, or the groin if you are merciless.

After that attack then will probably fall to their knees, you could knee them from here.
If you knee them hard, the nose will be pushed up into the brain.... you can kill the person, so beware.

Here is a picture I made with vulnerable points of the human body.
methods *

Final words : 
If you dont have to fight, dont.
This quick tutorial wont make you to a mma champion.
If the fight goes to the ground, this tutorial is useless. Learn some wrestling moves from youtube.
If they have a weapond, dont try to play a hero.
If you beat them badly, they wont f*ck with you again.


  1. useful and interesting. I agree, the one who get's the first punch has the advantage unless it was a weakass punch

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    Good workout vid.

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  9. It's true, I read about it in Ender's Game a sci-fi book, you can kill a person by pushing the nose up to the brain, careful!

  10. some knowledge of self-defense never hurts

  11. Face, solar plexus, groin and knee, got it!

  12. "Groin: kick, knee, fist!" the order is important!

  13. that guy doesn't have a dick or balls, how is that?!

  14. Nice advice, will use this in the near future, if I ever need to defend myself.

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  17. My neighbor will have to watch out now, I'm going to throat punch him next time his dog shits my lawn.

  18. This was very informative... Thank you very much

  19. if a fight goes to the ground, all you need is a decent triangle choke to end it. Zzzzzz....

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