Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to cure acne ?

How to cure acne ?

First of all ill tell you my story. I had acne since i was 12-13 years old. I tried to get rid of it since then. You wont believe how much research ive done since then. But I wont make a huge post about it. Ill keep it simple, who want to read pages of acne facts. 

Products ive tried :
Proactive - Didnt work att all for me
Azulan - didnt work at all, its a cleanser
Zink pills - No sure if they did anything
Acne-free-in-3-day program - It doesnt work and they just want to sell their stuff 
Dish soap - Says to work on very oily skin
The list goes on...

Im not saying all these products dont work, just that they didnt work for me.
Now ill tell you the products that worked for me.

Alcohol - Use this after shaving to prevent ''after shave pimples'' you could also use liquid perfume.
All kinds of Clerasil - Ive used all kinds of clerasil. And in my opinion only one of them worked well.
This one :

 Tooth paste - works sometimes, put it on 1 bigger pimple overnight and the pimple should be reduced.
Honey - It kills all bacteria
Normal soap - Works well

Now this is my short guide that worked for me. Few easy steps you should follow.

1. Most important part, find out what causes your acne. In my case it was my dogs. I played with them and offten touched their fur with my face & resting my head on my hand in school. I noticed that these 2 things
 caused my acne. Find out what causes your acne & try to avoid it.
( I still play with my dogs & rest my head on my hand, but i try to avoid touching my face )

2. Go and buy some pure honey, It works wonders for me. Basicly what you do is wash your hands and face with normal soap. Dry your face (pat your face with the towel, dont scrub). Then apply some honey onto your face and let it stay for 10-20 minutes. Do this everyday!!
( I usally do this when im taking a bath )

3. Wash your face everyday with normal soap, once in the morning & once in the evening before you apply the honey.

4. Change your pillow case every other day, if you are too lazy to do that you can wrap your pillow with a fresh towel.

5. Follow these steps, everyday.
( I know its hard, I got some acne too. But when i followed this for 2 weeks my face cleared up to 70%.


  1. I personally have never had problems with acne, but i remember when i still was going to school i had few school mates with this problem and i wish they could have seen your tips back then, it could have made their life so much easier.

  2. Great guide. I had some acne as a kid but eventually I got over it. It's not as detrimental as some people seem to think.. everyone gets it, you know? I find girls freak out more over this stuff than anyone. I've seen guys full of pimples pull chicks left and right.

    I'm going to forward this to my sis though she will enjoy this review. Thanks.

  3. Good thing i never had acne in my life. But still good to know if i know someone who needs help with this.

  4. Luckily I've never had any acne problem... yet. I'll keep this in mind :D

  5. nice tips bro, i mainly stick with #4 but i'll recommend your other tips to friends

  6. To add: Drink plenty of water and try to keep your body from being a tobacco stained alcohol pit also helps.

    Great advice, followed.

  7. Honey for the win! I always try to avoid touching my face.. if I need to lean on my hand I'll make sure my sleeve is over it or something. Changing pillowcases often helps a lot. I read something about putting olive oil on your face actually helps a lot of people. Currently I have just been rinsing my face with water 3x a day and washing it once every other day with a really mild soap, and that actually seems to do better than washing it 2x a day. Weird.